Find a Recycling Location

Find out what you can recycle in your curbside bin or at drop-off locations like your favorite grocery store or your community drop-off sites.
Search by Zip Code
Search for curbside information and other recycling locations by zip code and material type at Earth911.
Plastic Bag & Film Recycling
Store Drop-off Locations for plastic bags and films, including those with the How2Recycle “Store Drop-Off” label
Keep America Beautiful
Search for recycling information by zip-code or city and state using Keep America Beautiful’s search engine.

Check Locally

All recycling programs are unique. Get to know your local recycling program you use and encourage them to use as a resource.

  • Check printed materials from your local government or recycling provider
  • Browse the website of your local government or recycling provider
  • Call your local government or recycling provider
  • Check with local retailers for drop-off locations, including receptacles for plastic bags and films with the How2Recycle™ “Store Drop-Off” label

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