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How2Recycle Program Welcomes TOPAS Advanced Polymers Inc.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, OCTOBER 10th, 2016 — TOPAS Advanced Polymers is the latest company to join the only standardized on-package recycling label, How2Recycle. TOPAS Advanced Polymers, a manufacturer of plastic resins used in packaging, medical, optical and other applications, will join over 55 other member companies using the How2Recycle label to communicate packaging recyclability information to consumers.

“Sustainability is one of the key ways our products prove their value, and we are proud to support efforts such as the How2Recycle label that directly improve bottom-line recycling and sustainability results,” said Timothy Kneale, president of TOPAS Advanced Polymers, Inc.

“We are happy to welcome TOPAS to How2Recycle, since they’re a material manufacturer that looks thoughtfully at recyclability,” says Kelly Cramer, Senior Manager at Sustainable Packaging Coalition. “We’re looking forward to following their work as they collaborate with converters to develop full body shrink sleeves that do not interfere with technical recyclability of packaging.”

TOPAS Advanced Polymers has also joined the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, a membership organized dedicated to a more robust environmental vision for packaging. 

Companies interested in joining the How2Recycle program can visit http://www.how2recycle.info/join or contact how2recycle@greenblue.org.

The How2Recycle Label is a U.S.-based standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public. How2Recycle is a project of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition®, a membership-based group that brings together business, educational institutions, and government agencies to collectively broaden the understanding of packaging sustainability and develop meaningful improvements for packaging solutions. For more information, follow us on Twitter @How2Recycle or go to our website at www.How2Recycle.info.

At TOPAS Advanced Polymers, our goal is to anticipate and meet the needs of our customers and mankind for better and more useful materials. We work with companies around the globe, large and small, to help make their products - from everyday packaging films to high-end medical and optical devices - the very best they can be.
Currently, TOPAS Advanced Polymers manufactures and markets TOPAS® COC (cyclic olefin copolymer), a family of plastic resins used in advanced packaging, medical, optical and other applications worldwide. We also manufacture and market norbornene, a valuable building block for complex organic molecules

Anne Elsea

Anne Elsea
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