Store Drop-Off

Find out what you can recycle at store drop-off locations like your favorite grocery store or your community run drop-off sites.

What Needs to Be Dropped Off at the Store?

A wide variety of plastic bags, films, and wraps can go in retail store bins with plastic bags. These include bags and films using Resin Identification Codes #2 and #4, and items with the How2Recycle® Store Drop-Off label. However, these can NOT go into curbside bins (with a few exceptions). Download a helpful poster about what's accepted Store Drop-off here.

A Key Partnership That Helps You

How2Recycle is partnered with American Chemistry Council's Flexible Film Recycling Group, who works to enhance the recycling of polyethylene film in the United States. One initiative led by the Flexible Film Recycling Group is the Wrap Recycling Action Program (WRAP). WRAP expands public awareness about plastic film recycling in specific communities, and works to improve the quality and quantity of Store Drop-off locations nationwide. How2Recycle is happy to join in this effort.

See Store Drop-off in Action

Wegmans Food Markets, How2Recycle member, created a video that helps you see the recycling process for plastic bags, films, and wraps.

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